Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seasons Bistro

North American Cuisine? I have no idea what it means but I guess it's a bit of everything as I scanned through the menu of Seasons Bistro. You've got the Bahn Mi Sandwich from Vietnam, Tacos from Mexico and even the classic Cajun dish "Dirty Rice" from Louisiana.....

Overall, the savory dishes we had were more impressive than the desserts. They were complicated, not only in terms of the ingredients but also presentation. So complex that we were playing "guess what's this ingredient". For instance, the Deconstructed Salmon Spanakopita ($29) boasts a lengthy description:
Pan fried salmon with sautéed spinach, crumbled feta crumbs, hung yoghurt, lemon Beurre Blanc, crispy leeks and olive oil caviar

Fortunately, the dish did not digress too much from the original Greek pie and the salmon was fresh with lots of slippery omega oils. But I was not certain about the value of lemon butter cream since the taste is already quite rich with cheese and yoghurt. 
Char Grilled Portobello ($25) --eggplants, pickled onions, cucumbers, salsa verde, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, maple balsamic reduction is a good non-meaty option. Artichoke fans might be a little disappointed though, as there were no fresh artichokes in sight but they were deep-fried and transformed into brown "shallots" that squished out oil as you chew onto it. 
We loved the truffle fries with pecorino and rosemary sea salt ($9) more than the succotash – corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers ($6). The latter risked creating an impression that they could be churned from frozen mixed vegetables. The cooking is assured and the menu is adventurous. But the same cannot be said of the desserts that were deprived of both originality and quality.
Red velvet cheesecake ($12) belongs to the heavy dense NY style cheesecake and tastes like cocoa. How about renaming it as Chocolate cheesecake? Meanwhile, the cream cheese frosting of the Carrot Cake ($12) is too sweet and zapped of moisture. If one measures the Mojito Tart ($13) according to the yardstick of a Lemon Meringue Tart, then the recipe for the pastry shell and the gelatinous custard will need to be fine-tuned, not mentioning the missing rum or mint. 
Season's Bistro 
111 Somerset Road, #01-11/12
Triple One Somerset, Singapore 238164
Mon - Thu: 11am - 12am
Fri: 11am - 2am
Saturdays: 10am - 2am
Sundays: 10am - 12am

Friday, September 19, 2014

Moomin Cafe ムーミンカフェ

Do you know the Moomins? They are the characters from a fairy tale created by Finnish writer, Tove Janson. These characters have a long history as they first appeared in picture books 1945. They seemed to more popular in Japan than in Singapore and there are 3 cafes (2 in Tokyo and 1 in Hakata)
Like most theme cafes, a certain ambience is created when the inspiration of the designs are drawn from the book. As for the food menu, it varies between the shop and also different time.

While waiting, get some free bread that is from the same Moomin Bakery

The omelette rice (¥1000)  is from the tea time menu but it honestly has huge room for improvement. The tomato rice was dry and bland, merely wrapped in a light egg crepe.
Moomin is like a star in the restaurant. It moves around the tables for people to take its photos.
 The Espresso Latte (620 yen) 

The desserts are not very stunning too in terms of the presentation and the taste doesn't qualify either. One can keep the Moomin cup for this seasonal dessert which was mango pudding (¥620).  

Moomin Cookies from the retail outlet at Tokyo Station
This outlet in Tokyo Dome City is also the only place with bakery section. There is a bread section where you can have free flow of bread.  Okay, conclusion, it's a good place to go for kitchen merchandise or other products but not for food.

Moomin Cafe and Bakery 
Tokyo Dome City LaQua. 1F
1-1-1 Kasuga Bunkyo-ku
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