Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mary's Chocolate Cafe Tokyo メリーズカフェ

Mary's chocolate is probably one of the most visible chocolate brands in Japan because it has outlets everywhere, even at Takashimaya Singapore. The quality of the chocolates cannot be compared to standards of the European or Parisian brands. However, the chocolate cafe below Sushi Nemuro Hanamaru and on the same level as Marunouchi Cafe offers some tasteful chocolate desserts. 

Take for example what I call the hot-sauce-melts-chocolate-ball. The concept is nothing novel. I had one during the chocolate special event @Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Pierre Herme has launched it in its Aoyama chocolate bar several years back. But the good thing is that one only needs to fork out ¥900 for this decent dessert that has a fruity summer twist.

After the chocolate meltdown, one will be greeted with a scoop of yoghurt ice, mixed fruits, Crunchies, yoghurt mousse, marshmallow in the remaining hemisphere that sits on warm orange marmalade sauce.

Interestingly served in a jar, the Tiramisu may not transport you to Italian trattorias but it will not disappoint. Quite a good deal as it comes with a chocolate macaron. However, skip the chocolate coronet as it was written "soft serve" but turned out to be just bread with chocolate cream that tasted as cheap as their usual chocolates. 

Omiyage are also available and you can get this Matcha Chocolate Crunch without travelling to Mount Fuji. The food menu on their website is not updated so it is rather inconvenient to know their latest items. But if there is a revisit, I'll get a cuppa hot chocolate. 
Mary's Café メリーズカフェ
1F KITTE Granche 
Nearest station: Tokyo Station 
Weekdays 9am-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun PH 10am-10pm
Access Map Here

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sakura Forte Catering : Spread the Christmas Cheers‏

Photo: Sakura Forte
In 2 months time, Christmas will be in full swing; the time of the year when you like to gather friends and family for a great X'mas party. Instead of whipping a storm in your kitchen and attempting to clean up when you are already half-sober, why not get someone else to do the work for you?
Photo: Sakura Forte
Sakura Forte, the catering arm of international buffet restaurant, Sakura, offers a series of festive chrismas menu priced at $28.80 ++ / $35.80 ++ / $68.80++ per head (Minimum 40 pax) Look forward to polish off classic delights including the Roasted Whole Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, served with tangy cranberry sauce and tarragon gravy, or the Honey-Glazed Ham with bright zesty Pineapple chutney.
If that doesn't strike you as sufficiently merry, there is also the Baked Norwegian Salmon Fillet marinated with herbs, drizzled with fresh lemon juice and crowd-favourites such as New Zealand lobster potato salad topped with prawn roe. 
Ostensibly X'mas with a tropical twist, Sakura's new christmas logcake is a sweet Pineapple Crème Brûlée enrobed in fragrant Coconut Mousse, based on a crunchy Almond Nougat. I thought I could devour the entire thing if the sugar level was reduced and if the sponge roll was more moist. The festive stollen or christmas pudding may be absent from the menu, but the Signature durian puff is a sure-fire alternative. What could be a better the way than the LIVE chocolate fondue station to keep the kids busy while the adults sip to their hearts' content!

Christmas Menu is available from 1 Dec-26 Dec 2014
Browse the menu here and enjoy early bird savings of up to $50 when you order before 1st December 2014. All buffet packages come with complimentary full buffet set up and free disposable ware. 

Start sharing the Christmas cheers now!
Sakura Forte
Enquiries hotline: 9299 0880

Special thanks to Racheal and Jaslyn
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