Friday, February 27, 2015

M Boutique @ Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel : Skyview Sweets at 19 Floor

M stands for Marriot Miyako. It also stands for My first pastry stop in Japan for 2015.

I could not wait longer to have a taste of Japanese pastries once I touched down in Osaka. The first patisserie on my list was M Boutique since it was conveniently located at the hotel where I was staying and it was helmed by an award winning pastry chef in Osaka. Despite being part of a brand new hotel that is situated right at the 19F of Osaka’s latest landmark, Abeno Harukas, the price range is highly reasonable and the overall quality is above average.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Caffe B @ Marina Bay Sands : $25 Set Lunch Menu

Italian fine dining restaurant Caffe B has launched a 3-course set lunch menu that allows guests to choose from 2 appetizers and 4 main courses. To be honest, it may be the cheapest fine-dining set menu at Marina Bay Sands but still there is plenty of improvement for the dishes here as they have made several mistakes that should not occurred at such a dining spot. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grand Hyatt SG: Living Grand for Chinese New Year


photo credit: Grand Hyatt

What is your idea of "Living Grand"? 

At Grand Hyatt, "Living Grand" is the promise to unlock the extraordinary by creating spectacular moments, be it big or small. I have no doubts that this established hotel brand has delivered its promises because I had an extraordinary, or no, it should be a super extraordinary Chinese New Year celebration at Grand Hyatt Singapore. 

In fact, now as I recalled that night, everything felt too magical to be true. I attended Grand Hyatt SG's inaugural "Living Grand" dinner, which was described to be a Chinese New Year celebration. So what I had in my mind was a 10-course traditional Chinese New Year meal. Since the dress code was festive cocktail, it could be something more casual with cocktail drinks and canapés? Maybe? 

Before the start of the dinner, guests were gathered outside the Grand Salon, a newly refurbished function space that is designed in such a way that one feels as if he/she is coming back home. Everything was kept strictly confidential and no one had a clue on what would happen that night. Waiters were dressed in neatly pleated traditional Chinese costumes that looked so polished that they could reflect light. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tampopo Singapore : More than Just Black Pig Ramen

Salmon Crab Roll ($14.80)
Thanks to the Kyoto Fair held some time ago, I had the opportunity to relish my Japanese cravings at Tampopo again. It's not as cheap as Waraku but it promises better quality and wider variety of dishes than similar family restaurants such as Ootoya. Having been to this place for Nth times, the food is still as delicious as I remember. 
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