Friday, October 24, 2014

Flavours of the World @ Plaza Singapura : Truffle Chips, Wagyu and Oysters

"Flavours of the World"
Proudly Presented by Cold Storage & Plaza Singapura
Do you like to savour some gourmet food and wine? Head down to Plaza Singapura from now till 2nd November to shop for some exclusive wines and snacks from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. As part of Plaza Singapura's 40th anniversary celebrations, this epicurean event is held at the Main Atrium in partnership with Cold Storage to bring international gourmet delights to local shores. Highlights include fresh shucked oysters ($15 for 6), Wagyu Beef ($19 for 200g) and Sausages which you can enjoy right at the venue. 
There is a really extensive collection of wine awaiting wine purveyors. Wine tasting is available, as well as beer tasting. Infused with the fruity zest of raspberries, Hoegaarden Rosee might be familiar to those who frequent clubs but it is now exclusively launched at Cold Storage. With a low alcohol level of 3%, even non-alcoholic drinkers can enjoy this subtly sweet brew with lingering notes of spice and coriander.
There is also Strongbow, the 2nd most popular cider in the U.S, as well as Rekorderlig Cider, brewed with Sweden pure water into four flavoursApple, Pear, Strawberry Lime, Wild Berries, Passion Fruit and Limited Edition Winter Brew for this Christmas. A series of wine and cider appreciation session is also lined up for this event. (See picture above for schedule)
Being more of a snack junkie than "at-home" wine connoisseur, I was naturally attracted to the array of potato chips as I have never seen them before! Among those I've tasted, I loved the Torres Black Truffle (above left) ; light, not overly greasy with a discernible truffle aroma. I was excited to learn about HERR'S, a U.S. potato chips, known for its bold robust flavours.

Take for instance, the Baby Back Ribs whose smoky flavours can be quite addictive but the seasonings were too much for me to handle. So I would recommend the Buffalo Blue Cheese, which is a nice combination of classic hot wing sauce and tangy blue cheese minus the pungent odour if that is a concern for you. (Any 2 for $7.95)
I liked the award winning BURTS Potato Chips Cornish Sea Salt because they were so crispy thin like snow flakes and did not threaten the sodium intake, making me curious about the other "Fire Cracker Lobster" which seemed to have vanish from the shelves. Plenty of savoury food, good opportunity to learn about snacks from the West but not Asia. In the meantime, let us hope there could be more gourmet chocolates and biscuits in the future!
Flavours of the World
Main Atrium Plaza Singapura
Now till 2nd Nov
Special thanks to Shirley, Serine and Lewis

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mary's Chocolate Cafe Tokyo メリーズカフェ

Mary's chocolate is probably one of the most visible chocolate brands in Japan because it has outlets everywhere, even at Takashimaya Singapore. The quality of the chocolates cannot be compared to standards of the European or Parisian brands. However, the chocolate cafe below Sushi Nemuro Hanamaru and on the same level as Marunouchi Cafe offers some tasteful chocolate desserts. 

Take for example what I call the hot-sauce-melts-chocolate-ball. The concept is nothing novel. I had one during the chocolate special event @Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Pierre Herme has launched it in its Aoyama chocolate bar several years back. But the good thing is that one only needs to fork out ¥900 for this decent dessert that has a fruity summer twist.

After the chocolate meltdown, one will be greeted with a scoop of yoghurt ice, mixed fruits, Crunchies, yoghurt mousse, marshmallow in the remaining hemisphere that sits on warm orange marmalade sauce.

Interestingly served in a jar, the Tiramisu may not transport you to Italian trattorias but it will not disappoint. Quite a good deal as it comes with a chocolate macaron. However, skip the chocolate coronet as it was written "soft serve" but turned out to be just bread with chocolate cream that tasted as cheap as their usual chocolates. 

Omiyage are also available and you can get this Matcha Chocolate Crunch without travelling to Mount Fuji. The food menu on their website is not updated so it is rather inconvenient to know their latest items. But if there is a revisit, I'll get a cuppa hot chocolate. 
Mary's Café メリーズカフェ
1F KITTE Granche 
Nearest station: Tokyo Station 
Weekdays 9am-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun PH 10am-10pm
Access Map Here
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