Monday, October 5, 2015

Barcook Bakery : More than just bread

Some things turned out better when you have less expectations from them. Renowned for their ultra soft cream cheese cranberry bun, Barcook Bakery offers sliced cakes at some of its outlets but it did not come to my mind to try them until recently when I dropped by their cool and spacious OG outlet. The Classic Choc ($4.90) was sold out so we settled for the Green Tea Cheese ($5.80).

As expected, the green tea flavor was not assertive and the digestive base was soggy. However, it fared well as a cheesecake, which is rich with a nice savory tang. The white layer of honey citron cream was quite an uncommon pairing and it imparted a zesty bitterness to the cake, though the sweetness went out of control here.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Marlowe Pudding マーロウ : Super COOL Yakuza Pudding

Probably the coolest and richest custard pudding I've ever had. 

Unlike the Pocky Men's that aimed to target the male consumer market, I think Marlowe's pudding reaches across both genders despite the stark print of a handsome Mafia/gangster icon on the beaker glass.

Unless you head to their main shop in Kanagawa, you need some luck and patience before getting your hands onto this pudding because Marlowe only appear as pop-up stalls in department fairs. The pudding is so popular that there is always a snaking queue without fail. It has even been reported that Marlowe sells up to 2000 puddings a day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fortune Food Homemade Popiah (Halal) @ Albert Center Market

Homemade popiah skin is very rare these days so I was surprised to discover this stall recently. It was only after the visit did I learn that Fu Cheng is managed by a family of four who started their first stall in Blk 69, Geylang Bahru Hawker Center. 

Thanks to the engineer-trained father who developed his Popiah machine to expand the production, they are now supplying to not only their 10 island wide outlets but also catering to many hotels and restaurants. 

You might know them better as Fortune Food, a fully-established company which produces freshly-made halal popiah 365 days a year. They even have DIY popiah sets, kueh pie tee or even laksa party sets available for order online or via phone. Never knew popiah business can be managed at such a grand scale!

Monday, September 28, 2015

ROJAK @ Empress Road Market: Must TRY!! Recommended by MOFA Ambassador-at-large Prof Tommy Koh

In an interview with ST Sunday Times, Professor Tommy Koh, the Ambassador-at-large for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who lived in New York for 13 years as Singapore's permanent representative to the United Nations and 6 years in Washington D.C. as Singapore's ambassador to the United States, counts THIS as one of his favourite food from Empress Hawker.

I believed Professor Koh must be highly knowledgeable on the best hawker food in Singapore, given that he has also been a judge for Singapore Hawker Masters for the past five years. Hence, I noted this down and wanted to try it during the visit when I had POH's chye poh hor fun. Unfortunately, the stall was closed then. 

Nonetheless, I return to try my luck during a Saturday lunchtime and it was opened! The rojak comes in a standard size of $3 but the owner will kindly accommodate your request if you want more than $3.
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